The Naked Bee Soap Bar- Oatmeal And Honey


Product Description

A Natural Option for Body Soap

Triple milled soap passes under smooth rollers three times to better mix the soap and any fragrances or other ingredients that are added. This process also removes extra moisture and air. The final product contains less water and more soap, which creates a rich long-lasting hard soap that doesn't disintegrate into a messy blob in the soap dish.

The Naked Bee offers a rich lathering natural body bar called Oatmeal & Honey Triple Milled Soap that is gentle enough to use on your face.

Product Information

5oz bar

Contains coconut and palm oils, beeswax, honey, rolled oats and guar gum

Gluten free

No animal testing

Made in the USA

This natural soap is free of parabens, gluten, propylene glycol, laurel and laureth sulfate, EDTA and phthalate fragrance.

If you're looking for a rich lathering natural body bar that is gentle enough to use on your face, check into The Naked Bee's Oatmeal & Honey Triple Milled Soap. Order online today!