BE.Happe Adult Beanie Caps


b.e. happe Designs is a knitwear company based out of central Iowa. The founder, creator, designer is Brooke, a mom of three kiddos who creates during naptime or after bedtime!

I have always had a passion for life long learning. After switching careers from a Doctor of physical therapy to a stay-at-home mom I wanted to learn something new that would keep my hands strong. Crochet was what I taught myself to do. As I was learning to crochet I would donate my hats to Blank Children's Hospital. From there I learned to knit and items became more popular. I decided to open a shop in February of 2016!

As a small business owner, mother and medical professional it was important for the business to give back to the community and have my family involved. With each baby hat purchased, a handmade hat is donated to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. For all toddler to adult items, proceeds from each purchase are used to purchase items from the Wish List for Blank Children's Hospital.

During our b.e.happe donation days there are times when we see children wearing hats at the hospital. My kiddos will shout out in excitement that they are wearing 'our' hats...and that is what this is all about. It is about providing you with unique, quality handcrafted item but also set an example for my children. I want my children to development a sense empathy and philanthropy. I thank you for supporting this small business and allowing me to live out my dream everyday!

With love,