Stunts Hat


As subtle as a sledgehammer, but as cool as a frozen margarita (or two). Yep, you’re about to own “THE” famous hat that everyone wishes they’d bought before you. But too late for them…

Only you deserve to wear this crown…

Let’s face it. You deserve the attention. So lay back, kick your feet up, and enjoy watching others admire your hilariously bold “I’m-funnier-than-you-are-and-you-know-it” kind of confidence.

The only HAT in the whole wide world that offers a 387% Satisfaction Guarantee!

8 Inspiring Reasons Why You Should Own This Hat Today…

Made from 100% hat material

Fixes Bad Hair Days in Seconds

93.7% Guaranteed to make people laugh

Can hold 5.7 standard drinks upside down

100% Gluten Free stitching and panel

Not suitable for skydiving or mic)

Anti-Theft Guarantee while you’re alone

One Size Fits All - But that doesn’t mean you should share you hat with “all” your friends. Gross. Unless they partake in a ritual initiation (which should involve vodka, a blindfold and tea towel whips)

So what are you waiting for? Join the growing sisterhood of classy girl-power-style and comfort while enjoying side-splitting laughter at people’s reaction!

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